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Today is Earth Day, yet every time I look outside I just feel rather remorseful. The once green woods all behind the house are now a still grey and muddled brown, with construction sand piled high in the not-so-distant background. The river, once serene though now polluted, runs harsh….What if one day we are to wake up and find ourselves surrounded by the infinite nothing that is the wasteland we once called “Mother Earth”? To me, that is no home.

c: Commotion in the ocean, my fellow cancers~

Squint down at the city, just as dark as the sky.
We need air in the haze.

I am so sorry this one turned out terrible there’s really nothing else I can say
#gemini #tribalpattern #zodiac

Ink may be at home in between the lines, but without them it can run free, dearest friend c:
#taurus #tribalpattern #zodiac

My pen was calling to me but I couldn’t find words…
#aries #tribalpattern #zodiac

This little backdrop that they had sitting at #animeboston was cute <3
Unless someone finds/sends me more I think this is it for the #ab14 photos
**Note to self: make arms more threatening to kill and less inviting to tango….olé?
#madnessmedusa #medusagorgon #medusacosplay #souleater #souleatercosplay #animeboston2014

Same photographer as that other neat one I really wish I could find whoooo #animeboston #animeboston2014 #medusacosplay #medusagorgon #madnessmedusa

EDIT: the photographer is OhHeyItsSK on Facebook guys :DD

This is a pretty cool photo from the batch lingering from AB people managed to find of me and I’m so sorry but I lost which photographer took this >.<; if someone knows please tell me!
#madnessmedusa #medusacosplay #medusa #medusagorgon #souleater #cosplay #animeboston #AB14 #souleatercosplay #animeboston2014


no wonder he’s the only one

Madness is Beautiful
Time continues to march forward. It's only natural for the rest of the world to progress with it, don't you agree? That's how nature works. Do you really want to live in a world of stasis?
The Madness will spread, and there's nothing you can do~

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The Moon - Soul Eater